November 9, 2012
Have you heard of Slow Food?

It’s a movement, founded in the 1980s to support local, sustainable, and high quality food. What’s cool is they support the local food community and attempt to move our culture away from the industrial food system. What’s even cooler is they have recognized MilkMade as Slow Food approved, through their Snail of Approval awards.

Sure, our pictures look delish. But do you know what goes into our ‘scream? Because we never repeat a flavor for our monthly subscription, each month we’re on a new hunt — for the best local whiskey producer (Kings County), or the best locally produced marshmallows (Baked), or the best chocolate (Mast Bros), or the best local cold-brew (Grady’s), or the best peanut butter (Saratoga PB Co)… okay you get the picture.  And each company with whom we partner must pass our MilkMade Hierarchy of Values.  Yeah, that’s right. Here they are

  1. If we’re putting something in our ‘scream, it’s gotta be local. If it’s not, it’s gotta be fair-trade (vanilla from Madécasse, for example).
  2. It must be responsibly produced,
  3. and also made with the finest local ingredients possible.
  4. It has to be produced in a small-batch manner, none of this industrial manufacturing stuff.
  5. It must be superior. If we’re putting a macaroon in our ice cream, we’re seeking out the best tasting macaroon in NYC (that’s Danny Macs).
  6. And finally, it’s gotta come from chill dudes (women too, obviously) - we make friends with everyone from whom we source and we always like to share their story with our members.

Foraging for our ingredients, therefore, can be rather painstaking (umm, as is producing our ‘scream 2 gallons at a time, hand-packing, hand-labeling, and hand-delivering every pint, btw), and we appreciate the recognition. So thanks Slow Food NYC!