April 26, 2010
Flavors of the Month - May 2010

Well - here they are finally. As if you couldn’t guess them already…

Mint Chocolate Brownie
fresh mint ice cream with chunks of chocolate brownies

Mint chocolate chip was my favorite flavor when I was a kid, and it always had to be the bright green kind. This time around, we’re using fresh mint leaves and rich, chocolatey brownies from local producerGreyston Bakery for a delicious take on a classic flavor combination. Sans food coloring. <00, Mitch

Honey Lavender with Granola
honey ice cream with a hint of lavender, layered with granola 

This not too flowery honey-lavender ice cream is made with lavender grown right here in New York (who knew we grew lavender?) at Lavender by the Bay. We’re adding a little crunch with the most delicious granola I’ve ever tasted at Early Bird Granola. <00, Diana 

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