January 30, 2010
Flavors of the Month - February 2010

Oh man, we have never been more excited about our flavors than we are this month. Granted we’ve only had three months of flavors, but still. These are some of our finest. Check ‘em out below.

Michelle’s Flavor of the Month is:
Salted Caramel
caramel ice cream with sea salt and a hint of vanilla

With a little bit of magic, we turn sugar into caramel. Add some milk and eggs, and a punch of salt (not a pinch, we’re going for “salted” here) and voila - Salted Caramel Ice Cream.

Diana’s Flavor of the Month is:
Red Velvet Cake
cheesecake ice cream mixed  with red velvet cake

A perfect flavor for Valentine’s Day! After many variations, we’ve perfected our cheesecake ice cream - with a cream cheese and sour cream base. We throw at least one red velvet cupcake per pint and let the ice cream churner slice and dice it as it will. Our cupcakes are from our favorite local bakery that keeps it real, Sugar Sweet Sunshine.

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